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Our Story

Welcome to AslanAga Farm.

Our factory has been established in Kırklareli region, locates in the first place which has been described as “Region, free from diseases”. It produces dairy products, which have a unique taste with their naturalness and freshness, with modern technology and brings high quality to your table. In our modern facility, where our experienced team uses the latest equipment to produce with great expertise, it is our main principle to protect our nature, value society and, respect human beings. In these lands where cheese was the first breed, we now bring the cheeses of different flavors from each region to your tables with the same quality and localness under the brand name “AslanAga Farm”.

  • High Quality
  • Innovator
  • Natural
  • Delicious
  • At Reachable Price
15 Years of Experience
Natural & Organic
In European Standards
Region, Free from Diseases


From the Farm to Your Table

Natural and delicious products that give health and happiness.


AslanAga Traditional Cheeses

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From Farm to Table


By managing and developing the resources entrusted to us in the most efficient way, we offer natural and delicious products that increase the quality of life of individuals and give them health and happiness.

  • Safe
  • Natural
  • Healthy
  • Delicious
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With advanced machine technology and automation support, we bring you physically, chemically, microbiologically clean and safe foods, which we can follow at every stage and thus have not lost their nutritional value, without spoiling.



We offer you the most natural dairy products from production to consumption by choosing reliable and natural raw materials produced without using any additives, with an inspection mechanism.



One of the most important rules of a healthy life is a healthy diet. Milk and dairy products are the cornerstones of a healthy diet. We offer you healthy milk and dairy products that do not spoil their naturalness with laboratory controls and inspections at every stage.



We offer milk and dairy products, which are traditional tastes that we all know for years, away from sweeteners and substances that increase consistency, with your taste, which has been the habit of years, so as not to lose the taste you know and value.