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AslanAga - Traditional Mix

It is manufactured untouched.

The AslanAga Traditional Mix package includes Shallal, Mujaddel and String Cheese, which are the 3 members of our local cheese family.

AslanAga Shallal Cheese is called "Chechil", "Tel", "Çekme Cheese" according to the region where it is found. In addition to breakfast, with its distinctive structure and texture, pasta, omelets, and salads will also taste with their flavor.

AslanAga Mujaddel Cheese, a traditional type of cheese, is ready to take it's place in your salads and snacks apart from breakfast, with its severe and durable structure.

AslanAga String Cheese is a kind of cheese that will always be on your table, with its low salty, easy to remove from the fibers, melting when heated, it is kind of cheese that besides in breakfasts for you and your children, you can use also any recipe you want.


Per 100g

Energy (kj/kcal) 340 / 1407
Fat (g) 26
Saturated Fat (g) 16
Carbonhydrate (g) 3
Sugar (g) 0
Protein (g) 23


Unit Weight 200g
Pieces in Box 12 X 200g
Box Weight 2,4kg
Barcode 8682048002325